Judith Marayelle

Judith Marayelle is a psychologist and addiction counselor with 30+ years of experience, she will help you understand and resolve the issues in your life to achieve a sense of personal empowerment and well-being. Judith Marayelle will help you along your path of growth and discovery of your true self and how to live a rewarding and meaningful life in the midst of personal and global challenges. Judith Marayelle provides a therapeutic environment that is caring and without judgment. This will help you release emotional pain, resolve issues and help you achieve a greater level of comfort in your life.

Judith Marayelle grew up with an alcoholic father and having been married to an alcoholic, she has a particular interest in working with all affected by this illness. Judith Marayelle offers safe, heartfelt help to anyone who wants to control their drinking, quit or who has tried treatment or AA and would like a different approach. Judith Marayelle also has a unique understanding of what it is like to be affected by someone else’s drinking or drug use and how to break the pattern of disappointment and pain. Long standing behavior patterns and negative feelings do change when working together to achieve your goals.

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